It’s the end of the year and we are very pleased with having won the Open Education Europa Teachers Contest with our Media Literacy Lab #14 Kurs (“Kinderzimmer-Productions”). The jury states the reason for the decision as follows:

“[MLAB] was finally selected for its clearly innovative approach—comprising twenty-first-century ‘maker’ skills, encouraging virtual collaboration among students, and for the commitment to seeing students as the producers of OERs. We had thought of good practices at the level of teachers—Media Literacy Lab reminded us all that the future depends on developing students as producers of learning.”

According to this, this price is not only an award for the Media Literacy Lab Team, but primary an award for the community and the participants of our open online courses.

Our special thanks go to all participants of the courses, who have made our courses possible with their collaboration. It was our pleasure to work and learn with and from you in the past two courses.
The Team Media Literacy Lab wishes you a pleasant end of the year and is looking forward to 2016 with you!